What a difference a year makes!


….we were carrying out building work in preparation of moving into our shiny new premises…..& we were SO excited!

A year on & what a difference a year & a move makes! The move has enabled us to branch into storage of client merchandise, as well as offering stock management, packing & fulfilment services. So successful has this venture been, that we have been asked to hold all of the marketing literature for one of our key clients too & we also provide a full storage & fulfilment service for this. Consequently, our shiny new office & warehousing from a year ago is now bursting at the seams already. Therefore we are very excited once again to announce that we have just taken on the vacant unit next door to us. This is primarily racked warehousing space with some additional office space to boot, but it has given us the additional capacity to store any merchandise / marketing collateral on your behalf……..so if you have those cumbersome display boards / exhibition graphics / golf banners etc. that only see the light of day once a year & you spend the other 51 weeks tripping over them or squeezing past them, then we may just have the answer for you, so feel free to call 0115 973 1993 or e-mail nicola@pulsewear.co.uk to discuss further.